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Salzer Electronics Limited


Industrial Components

  • Cable Ducts

    Material : PVC

    Shape : Rectangular, Round

    Thickness : 0-5mm

    Length : 150-200cm

    Color : Available All Color

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    Cable Ducts

  • Cam Operated Rotary Switches

    Voltage : 220V

    Frequency : 50Hz, 60Hz

    Number of Positions : 3way

    DC Switch Range : 16-500 Amps up to 250 Volts DC

    Breaker Control Switches : 25 / 32 Amps

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    Cam Operated Rotary Switches

  • Photovoltaic Isolator & Changeover
    Solar isolators are switch gears for interrupting the inverter from the solar panels. DC Changeover switches are used in Solar pumps for switching power between Solar & Grid supplies   Description Application :  Photovoltaic Isolators in Roof top Solar Panels AC / DC Changeover in

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    Photovoltaic Isolator & Changeover

  • General Purpose Relay
    General purpose relays are ideal to use instead of mechanical relays. The relays are used to transfer electricity for high voltage or frequency applications. We offer general purpose miniature relays with LED indication and 3 poles. It is ideal for power and sequence control, instrumentation,

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    General Purpose Relay

  • Load Break Isolator & Changeover
    The offered load break switches are the finest mechanical and electrical devices. We manufacture them keeping fine quality in mind.   We offer breaker control switches, isolators, double break contacts, multiple mounting options, changeover switches, DC isolators and DC changeovers.   Our

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    Load Break Isolator & Changeover

  • Limit & Foot Switches
    Description :  The limit and foot switches offered by us is an electro-mechanical device that consists of an actuator mechanically linked to a set of contacts. It is used in a variety of applications and environments. It is easy to install and reliable in operation. We offer limit switches in

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    Limit & Foot Switches

  • Terminal Connectors
    Description :  The terminal connectors produced by us are used in the automotive and medical industry. It is engineered for quality and performance. Every component of the terminal block is designed to provide a product that offers efficient functionality. The screw or spring clamp is the

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    Terminal Connectors

  • Customised Control Panel

    Voltage : 220V

    Power : 1-3kw

    Power Source : Electric

    Phase : Double Phase, Single Phase

    Warrenty : 2 Years

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    Customised Control Panel

  • Industrial Plug Socket

    Material : Plastic

    Shape : Round

    Application : Industrial Use

    Color : White

    Feature : Good Quality, Rigorous Quality, Shocked Proof

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    Industrial Plug Socket

Motor Control Products

  • Contactor & Overload Relay
    Description :  We offer our clients standard contractors, mini contractors, control relays and bimetallic overload relays. The contractors and relays are safe and easy to install. Overload relays control and protects electric motors. They prevent short circuit and prevent overload from

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    Contactor & Overload Relay

  • Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
    Description :  We at Salzer offer our clients, motor control products. It has a universal rating and marking. It is available in 2 frame sizes of 32 and 63 amps. It is a combination motor controller with short circuit protection and overload tripping. Motor protection circuit breakers are

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    Motor Protection Circuit Breaker

  • Miniature Circuit Breaker

    Rated Voltage : 240/415 V

    Frequency : 50Hz

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    Miniature Circuit Breaker


  • Toroidal Transformer Coils
    Description :  Rogowski Technology of Current measurement With its over 20 years of experience in Toroidal Technology Salzer- Engineers have pioneered the design, development and manufacturing of Rogowski coils and we have been supplying the Rogowski Coils to various OEM’s worldwide. A

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    Toroidal Transformer Coils

  • Power Choke Inductor
    Description :  At Salzer Electronics, we offer toroidal inductors and chokes with magnetic cores made from iron powder, ferrite or any other material. Salzer engineers are experienced and ready  to design a custom Toroidal Inductors, PF correction chokes/Invertor Chokes and EMI filters

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    Power Choke Inductor

  • Three Phase Lamination Transformer

    Application : Power Grade

    Frequency : 50hz, 60hz

    Automatic Grade : Automatic

    Warrenty : 2yrs

    Phase type : Three Phase

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    Three Phase Lamination Transformer

Other Products

  • Industrial Cables

    Material : Rubber

    Shape : Round

    Thickness : 1.5-2mm

    Application : Industrial Use

    Voltage : 220V

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    Industrial Cables

  • Power Cords

    Type : 2Pin

    Material : Copper

    Rated Voltage : 220V

    Cord Length : 1.5 mtr

    Current (Amp) : 6 amp

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    Power Cords

  • Wire Harness

    Material : Nylon

    Use : For Safety

    Thickness : 0.5-1mm

    Application : Industrial

    Color : Available all color

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    Wire Harness

  • ACCL Automatic Source Changeover
    Description :  ACCL is used for efficient distribution of generator power in high rise apartments, townships, commercial buildings, etc without overloading the generator. The ACCL will switch the load to generator supply during failure of mains supply. It also acts as a current limiter when load

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    ACCL Automatic Source Changeover

  • Distribution Board
    Salzer Distribution Boards are Aesthetically pleasing and sleek that seamlessly blends with your Interiors. Salzer DB’s are made of CRCA Sheet steel and are rugged in construction and spacious enough to facilitate easy wiring. Salzer has a wide range of DB’s for Residential & Commercial

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    Distribution Board

  • Modular Switches
    Description : A dream home conceived to reflect your distinct personality in each and every element that goes into its making. Salzer offers an aesthetically created range of Modular Switches, Sockets , Regulators, Plates , Accessories & Speciality products that elegantly suits your Decor. Salzer

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    Modular Switches

  • Movement Sensor

    Dimensions : M18 x 80 L

    Operation Temperature : -35ºC ~ +60 ºC (-31 ~ 135º F)

    Sensing Distance : 3CM / 5CM

    Operating Voltage : 10 – 30 VDC

    Response Time : 50 ms.

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    Movement Sensor

  • Remote Switches

    Shape : Rectengular

    Color : White

    Mechanical Life : 2 Years

    Current : 220 VDC,110 VDC

    Current Range : 16A, 32A

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    Remote Switches

  • Single Phase Motor Starter

    Voltage : 220V

    Power : 1-3kw

    Pressure : High Pressure

    Phase : Single Phase

    Amps : Up to 25

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    Single Phase Motor Starter

  • Electrical House Wire
    Description : Each wire is fabricated using 99.97% pure, electrolytic grade, annealed bare copper with more than 100% conductivity. The use of copper guarantees electrical energy saving which further reduces electricity bills. The wires are also wadded with flame retardant PVC compound, which

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    Electrical House Wire

  • Enameled Copper Wire
    Description : High quality enamelled copper wires that are manufactured from 99.97% pure ETP grade copper We offer our clients’ high quality enamelled copper wires that are manufactured from 99.97% pure ETP grade copper and insulated with high temperature engineered enamel. It is made as per

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    Enameled Copper Wire

  • Flexible Busbars
    Description : Manufactured in accordance with IEC, UL and CE standards. The flexible bus bars manufactured by us are made in accordance with IEC, UL and CE standards. We offer an extensive range to suit any application. The bars are manufactured from 99.997% pure ETP grade annealed bare/ tinned

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    Flexible Busbars

  • LAN Cables
    Description : Salzer is equipped with a full-fledged testing laboratory complying with stringent quality benchmarks as per UL, BIS & IEC standards which ensures consistent quality, highly durable and world class wires. Salzer LAN Cables are designed to support Hi speed data transmission offering

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    LAN Cables

  • Energy Saving Panel

    Material : Metal

    Application : Solar Storage System

    Variety : Cabinet

    Rated Voltage: : AC220V/380V.480V/660V

    Power range: : 7.5KW~320KW

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    Energy Saving Panel

  • Street Light Controller

    Material : MS

    Application : Street Light Controlling

    Color : White

    Voltage : 220V

    Frequency : 50Hz

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    Street Light Controller